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Kreativestylez is a network of ICT, and design companies. We are comitted to creating Internet of Things (IOT) and design solutions for our everyday challenges. While creating and producing applications that can contribute to the ICT community, we have built a platform for people to learn and perkup existing ideas.


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rPortal is an electronic result software that makes use of an automated computing result technology as well as key result management system, designed to collect, compile and publish students academic performances on the internet.

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Kreativestylez Resources

Kreativestylez Resources is an ICT base platform that focuses on creating websites, web base applications and softwares that can meet our everyday challenges.

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Kreativestylez tuts

Kreativestylez Tuts is our free online training site, where you can learn a wide array of graphic designs.

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Kreativestylez Designs

Kreativestylez designs is our branding & identity sector, we provide standard graphic design services.

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