About Me

Hello travel lovers ! My name is Beatrice and I live by the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf in Dubai, UAE. I love spending a playful day at the beach with my two children, will always choose a breakfast-all-day restaurant over anything and I’ll never say no to a good dancing night out ! I am the proud author of a parenting book and of a poetry book, but my heart has always been into the beauty and fulfillment of traveling new and exciting places.

This blog is written for the busy working professional who loves to travel despite having limited time. Use my experiences to plan your own trips easily, be inspired by my tales of wanderlust and learn from my travel fails and wins – the ultimate aim is to remind you to take that time off for your next trip and to travel more.

I have always believed that our creative outlet needs to be something you’re passionate about, and that’s why I chose to write about my travel wanderings. Fear not that this is going to be “just another travel blog” – as I often venture off the beaten path with my reflections and the places I see. Sure, my Instagram page translates my love of eye-pleasing nature and colors, fashion and a social lifestyle, but here I can go a bit more in depth about the things I’m really passionate about.

Because I never feel more alive, heart racing wildly with excitement, than in those moments right before a new trip, when I pack my travel bag with a head full of road dreams ! I embark the journey, I watch and listen, I let the vibes of the place sink in, and then I feel compelled to share with you : the writer’s urge is like those bottled-up feelings that need to come to the surface !

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